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10 Inspiring Sound Websites
26 Jan 2010

Through our work with our much-loved Street Sounds event, we have come across a number of people, organizations and websites that are truly inspirational within the art and science of sound.

Here are 10 sound websites that we love. If you have any you would like to share, please post a comment next to this article. 

The Smalls

Sound and Story Project of the Hudson Valley
How much do you know about the Hudson Valley? Check out this website for some cool stories and recollections from residents in communities everywhere from Manhattan to Albany.

China Blue – Sounds from the Eiffel Tower
Sound artist China Blue has recorded sounds and video from the Eiffel Tower. Head to this website to hear everything from ambient sounds to elevator vibrations.

Wild Sound Stories – Step into the heart of nature
Bay Area sound artist Gina Farr collaborates with other artists such as Bernie Krause, Lang Elliot and Dan Dugan to create very cool six-minute audio and visual excursions into wild habitats.

Listen to Africa
Follow a team that is on a two-year journey by bicycle to record the sounds of Africa. You’ll hear everything from wildlife to people telling stories. The whole expedition is 24,000 kilometers long – lets see how many sounds it brings in.
How could we not possibly mention top sound websites without including one that presents whale song? This site is very unique as it broadcasts live whale song – yes that’s right, live – except when the whales are migrating. From Maui to Alaska, you don’t want to miss this.

Open Sound New Orleans
As far as cities go, the musical haven of New Orleans is one of the most fascinating in the world. Visit this website and hear for yourself.

Live Antarctic Ocean Streaming
The Alfred Wegener Institute streams live audio from four solar and wind powered hydrophones off the Antarctic coast. Yes, this is very cool indeed – it transmits live from UNDER the Antarctic ice.

Sounds of New York
Whether you love or hate the Big Apple you will adore this site that features all kinds of street noise, talk and more.

Cinco Cidades Soundmap
An impressive range of sounds recorded across five Portuguese cities. People talking, ambient sounds and cool sound effects are all available. You can even mix your own loop.

A Sound Walk Across California

From the Library of Natural Sounds at the Oakland Museum of California, this website lets you listen to wildlife and more. Covers everything from the coast to Sierra Nevada to the Great Basin.