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7 Must Haves for iPhone Filmmakers
05 Sep 2012

The Smalls is home to some of the world's finest iPhone filmmakers (Conrad Mess and Craig Anthony Perkins, to mention a few) and we love how more and more creators use this gadget as a core piece of filmmaking technology today. The iPhone has proven itself quite powerful, and comes with an effective built in lens and excellent recording abilities.  But we all love add-ons that enhance our cameras and take them to the next level – so what are the must have gear for your next iPhone film? 

Mobislyder iPhone Dolly


Why get a tripod when you can have a dolly? While taking steady shots can be essential to your movie, having the ability to also move your camera smoothly is a priceless advantage.  Just put your iPhone into the handy cradle and you’ll be able to take wonderfully steady tracking shots. There are several on the market right now, but we’re most excited for the Mobislyder, which turns any surface (and angle) into a stable one for your perfect shot.

Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro

A lot of people swear by the tiny camera inside the newest iPhones.  But did you know that the standard software in your phone only gives you limited functionality?  By installing the Filmic Pro App, you can obtain full manual control of the camera, and change everything from exposure to white balance, and even the focus at will. And it also gives you a built-in slate, so you can get rid of that useless assistant of yours (just kidding).

Red Giant Movie Looks App

Red Giant

Are you looking to add ambiance to your film, but don’t have the luxury of a full editing suite? Red Giant, one of the premier makers of post-production software, offers a one touch solution for iPhone filmmakers who want a little bit of flair, and quickly.  The app gives you access to 40 film ‘looks’, including black and white and blockbuster, which you can execute without having to download the footage into your computer.  This totally redefines ‘on the fly’ editing.

Steadicam Smoothee

Steadicam Smoothee

From the creators of one of the most revolutionary film tools ever invented – the Steadicam – comes the official iPhone version.  You may think that your arm alone may be enough to stabilize the iPhone, but the footage you get won’t compare to what you can achieve with the Smoothee.  The shots will look like the camera is simply floating – just like in a Hollywood production.

Suction Clip

Suction Cup

This is an essential tool for doing things such as, say, filming inside a car.  By suctioning your iPhone to the windshield (or any flat surface that can accommodate a suction cup) you can essentially get all of those tight, impossible shots with relative ease. Simple, cheap, and invaluable. Just make sure you’ve framed your shot correctly!

Phocus for iPhone

Phocus 1

 If you need an all-in-one camera body for your iPhone, things don’t get much better than the Phocus.  Slide it right in, and suddenly you have an easy-to-hold camera that not only doesn’t interfere with all of the cool features of the phone, but also adds mounts for tripods, microphones and other accessories. Best of all, three lenses are included (wide angle, macro, and telephoto), which gives you better stylistic versatility.

35mm Adapter for Phocus

Phocus for iPhone

Overkill? Or exactly the upgrade you need? We’ll let you decide. But there is no doubt that this addition to the already exceptional Phocus will help you take the quality of shots you previously only dreamed of. Once installed, you will be able to add professional-grade Canon EOS lenses (and Nikon lenses, if you so choose), in order to achieve enhanced focus, depth, and field of vision. Essentially, this will turn your current phone into the multi-thousand dollar DSLR that you want, but can’t afford.

Have fun everyone! And do hit us up on Twitter or Facebook if you have any other cool iPhone gear you think everyone should check out!