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Aliens Dont Visit Us Because...

Aliens Dont Visit Us Because... Added on 06 Mar 2010
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Controversial subject I guess, But if it were left to me I think These are the reasons our galactic neighbors dont visit... And quite rightfully so.


I hope you enjoy the video.


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frances's picture
A sweet and important commentary.
Sandi's picture
I love this animation and the story it tells.    A+
LiteCore's picture
Thanks guys, Comments like that = motivation to do more :)
And I will
rcf23's picture
Cool spaceship effects.  
LiteCore's picture
There are quite a few people asking about the music for this video so I will post here, The original Music was composed by "Jochen Hippel" for an old Amiga game called "The Seven Gates Of Jambala" This particular version was written and remixed by...
I would like to add my thanks to him for giving me permission to use this excellent track.
AmiGamer's picture
This is so depressing (the horrified/sad face of the lil fellow really got to me), yet so true...
I really love this video, and feel honored you used my music for it...
LiteCore's picture
The next one is due and it also uses your music :
Primal's picture
Love the expressions on the alien's face - absolutely fantastic.
LiteCore's picture
Thanks Guys... Its a big issue made into a light hearted 3D animation ... Hopefully with a drilled in message

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