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7 Music Video Directors Who Transitioned to Cinema
Filmmakers don’t just appear from out of nowhere. Many toil away in various jobs in the entertainment or media industry before getting their ‘big break’. These days, commercial directors get a lot of attention – but there is also a returning buzz around the music video industry, meaning that the music video director again has a great chance at turning their "visionary" imagination into a film career.
The 29th of September saw the centenary of the birth of Michelangelo Antonioni (1912-2007), the Italian director who gave us such classics of European art cinema as L’avventura (1960), L’eclisse (1962), Red Desert (1964) and Blow-Up (1966). What is it that attracts filmmakers, artists, critics and movie-lovers to Antonioni?
Turn a Short Story into a Short Film
Could starting small help you make your first film? A few thoughts from a writer who went to short stories to get his acts together.
5 Greatest Samurai Short Films

We came across Total Film’s "15 Greatest Samurai Movies" and couldn't help but wonder - surely there must be several fine Samurai shorts out there too?