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Alfonoso Díaz, took out The Smalls Best of 2012 competition for his beautiful dramatic short 2A. The Spanish film is set in director Jonathan's tiny studio 2A where he is auditioning to find his leading lady. Frustrated with his work, Olga comes knocking for the part and Jonathan is mesmerised by her performance.
The awesome first Pitch Room brief, "The Marigold Project", comes from Austin TX rock group Southbound Drive. We all know that Austin has emerged as one of the world's most vibrant film and music scenes in the world – but how did it all start? Dr. Matilde Nardelli takes a look at how the city has changed since the arrival of Richard Linklater and the start of the now legendary Austin Film Society.
The Smalls Pitch Room Southbound Drive
For those of you who’ve remained checked in during recent months, The Smalls Pitch Room launch is familiar stuff. Austin TX rock band Southbound Drive have just opened this new, cool section of our website with their “Marigold” music video brief. But who are Southbound Drive? We put together a little fact sheet!
Southbound Drive Top 5 Music Videos
Top five lists are hard to make. Top five lists regarding music are even harder. When Southbound Drive was asked to name our top five music videos, all hell broke loose.