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Manhattan thumb
Inspired by the recent Viasat Film brief in The Smalls Pitch Room and all the filmmakers who submitted beautiful footage from major cities around the world, we’ve been thinking about what great tips there are for filmmakers who are looking to capture their city and city life. Whether you are making a travel film or are locking down establishing shots, here are some thoughts on how you can make he most out of your shoot.
Working with bands 7 tips for filmmakers
Austin TX filmmaker Xander Clark has shot everything from a successful Kickstarter campaign video with terrific comedic timing to The Marigold Project performance footage at the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre house, for indie rock band Southbound Drive. He recently took some time out to share notes with any filmmakers out there thinking about hooking up with a band to get some valuable experience.
It is, indeed, highly tempting to just sit back and relax during the holidays. But for many of us creative types, it’s the only opportunity to take a break from daily responsibilities of life and focus on making something personal. The challenge, however, is to stay focused in the midst of all of the shopping, festivities, eating, and drinking. How can one keep sharp, be creative, and see some results?
Revising the screenplay
Talk to any professional writer, and he or she will tell you that the majority of "writing" happens with the rewriting. It is so easy to think that the ideas you put down are precious, untouchable and perfect, but in most cases, a tiny change can make a big difference. It is vital to always be thinking about where your script is and where it can go from here, but leave this question up to you - at what point do you stop?