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The Smalls Film Festival & Awards History

"Winning a Smalls Award is like scoring the short filmmaker's perfect hat trick: Happiness, support, and encouragement." Federico Forcolini (Winner, 2011)

Our story

Back in 2006, a group of short film enthusiasts joined forces with the London Design Festival and Creative Review to produce an event that was both a celebration and innovation of short film. Hosted in London’s Covent Garden, the groundbreaking “Small Films for Small Screens” was the first event of its kind to showcase short films on video iPods.

It was also where The Smalls story began…

“Small Films for Small Screens” was such a success that The Smalls Film Festival, and subsequently The Smalls itself, was born. Now the film festival is in its eleventh year and we’re still just as excited to provide a stage for independent filmmaking as we were back then.

Discovering new talent

Every year we continue to be amazed by the talent of the filmmaking community and the festival has played host to some of the most creative and interesting collaborations the short film industry has seen. We’ve seen breakout filmmakers take their first steps into the spotlight, we’ve witnessed audiences laugh, cry and generally succumb to the power of short film and we’ve loved every minute of it.

Establishing new relationships

As well as providing a platform for new talent, The Smalls Film Festival offers invaluable opportunities for industry professionals to network and share ideas. We’ve seen some exciting collaborations emerge from introductions made during the festival, whether it’s been relationships formed from presentations, live pitch sessions or just waiting in line at the bar! Find out more about contributing to the festival here.

Reaching new audiences

The Smalls Film Festival is a fantastic opportunity for brands to actively engage with a large influential audience. But it’s a two way street. The Smalls Film Festival would not be as successful without the help and support of our Sponsors and Partners. Over the past few years we have been delighted to collaborate with some truly fantastic brands such as: UKTV, Western Digital, Panavision, Shutterstock, Panalux, RED, Toon Boom, JAMESON, Lagunitas Brewing, BROTHERS, Proper Corn and Vita Coco. This year will be no exception.