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Film Annex: Get Sponsored!
01 Dec 2011

The Smalls loves sites that share our view that independent filmmakers deserve an ever growing, safe and supportive online environment where they can share their creativity, tell stories and inspire others.  And sites that also offer filmmakers the opportunity to make a living from their quality content are even dearer to our hearts. So, imagine how psyched we were when we got wind of Film Annex (, a site that not only helps promote new talent but that also offers all you filmmakers a revenue sharing situation on your very own web TV channel?

For all your Smallsters out there who are not familiar with this cool site, Film Annex works like a self-distribution video platform supported by ads. Basically, whatever ad revenue is stirred up on your Film Annex channel – you keep an impressive 50%. But they don’t stop there. They don’t just leave you hanging to do all the marketing and distribution yourself. To help talented filmmakers get an audience for their films they feature selected videos on their home page and across their social media network, all to help drive traffic to the site and revenues into your pockets. And if you want to get more active yourself you can add a blog to your channel, interact with other registered artists and even upload a photo album to your pages. Needless to say, the more great shorts and entertaining content you add, the more people will want to visit your channel (in turn, you guessed it, boosting ad revenue).

Now, if you happen to be based in New York you’ll be thrilled to learn that Film Annex has an actual physical presence there, in the shape of a Manhattan film studio (cool, right?). You can drop by, have a chat – or even shoot your own audience charm offensive that you later add to your channel.

We hope you all take the time to explore this friend of independent film. And once you have, it would be so great to hear back from you on your experiences – and of course no doubt, your successes.

To check Film Annex out, go to