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Looking Out For George

Looking Out For George Added on 16 Nov 2010
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Terminally ill George wants to be left alone to die in peace but the
patient in the next bed won't let him. An unlikely friendship forms when
Bill informs George he can see into the nurses' quarters from his
hospital window.

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frances's picture
A substantial movie indeed. Bravura performance from the Bill character.
Primal's picture
Thanks, Frances. It was indeed. Frank Jarvis was a superb character actor, vastly underrated in my opinion, who sadly passed away in September of this year. He is best known for his role as one of the gang in the original 'Italian Job' alongside Michael Caine.
frances's picture
OMG. That's amazing. Out of fellow filmmaker curiosity, how did you manage to cast Jarvis? Again, excellent performance and a great film indeed. Thanks for sharing it here on The Smalls.
Primal's picture
Thanks very much Frances. This was made back in 2002 (ignore the 2008 copyright credit). We were sent his photo from - (we must have contacted them and said we were looking for an older actor). Soon as we set eyes on him we knew he was the man to play Bill before even auditioning him. I had him lined up to play a main character in a feature film I'm hoping to produce next year for which he would have been perfect. Unfortunately it wasn't to be.  Thanks immensely for the plug on the homepage. This film never got the exposure it deserved and I blame myself for that.
LiteCore's picture
I knew frank personally... Under-rated wasnt the word, He was fantastic, I Ask Frances if I could get a copy of this video for keepsake (PM ME if it is possible) . This shows his true life acting and his person.
I enjoyed this short VERY much.
LiteCore's picture
  I Ask PRIMAL if I could get a copy of this video for keepsake.
Sorry, was very early in the morning
Primal's picture
Have sent you a PM Litecore.
Primal's picture
Thanks a lot. Much appreciated, gridprice.
BuxCorp's picture
sweet. perfect
BuxCorp's picture
sweet, perfect


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