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{ loop }

{ loop } Added on 29 Jan 2013
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Do we know when senses play tricks on us? Is it in our mind, are we dreaming or is it really happening?
{ loop } is a short narration, a senses circle, the sort of strange experience when thoughts are jumping from here to there and it seems like they don’t belong to you... and you don’t know where you came from, where you are or where to go to...
// about { loop }
Being a small and interesting camera, we thought that this is a sort of “indie-dream-camera” and have decided to make a short film. How else could we figure out if it’s any good? :)
Our main idea was to make something low budget, with a small crew and less light gear, but to focus as much as possible on storytelling.
So this is what we got: one actor, 3 locations, one gh3 and one camera operator, a tripod, a monopod and a slider, 2 assistants, some lights, sound gear, and thick clothes and gloves.
Budget: some gas, 2 bottles of wine, ingredients for fake blood and a big pizza
/ titles:
starring: Bogdan Zaharia
camera & color grading: Alex Serban
editing & sound design: Alex Serban, Cosmin Serban
sound editing: Cosmin Serban
field assistants: Cosmin Serban, Sergiu Zavragiu
script: Alex Serban, Cosmin Serban, Bogdan Zaharia, Andreea Nedelea
music: Vaho So - Pinophyta, Bryophyta, Oda; CC from
tech: Panasonic GH3 + Pana 14 2.5 and with a Canon to MFT cheap adapter: Sigma 20 1.8, Samyang 35 & 85 1.4, Sigma 50 1.4, Canon 100 2.8 L IS macro; for sound: Azden FMX 32 + SGM-2x, Zoom H2n
a film

No locations
Panasonic GH3
Pana 14 2.5 and with a Canon to MFT cheap adapter: Sigma 20 1.8
Samyang 35 & 85 1.4
Sigma 50 1.4
Canon 100 2.8 L IS macro

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<div class='film-title'>{ loop }</div><div class='film-duration'>04:44</div><div class='film-created'>Added 29 Jan 2013</div>