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SWAPPED film Directed by Kihire Kennedy

SWAPPED film Directed by Kihire Kennedy Added on 01 Jun 2012
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The frist International film from exitive producer Tony Angelo, Mbabazi Emmanuel, Mugisa Frederick Jr and Kihire Kennedy. "Swapped" A short comic film made in Uganda, East Africa that reflects the relationship of a married couple going threw transition.

** Set in today’s modern family where the husband works as a pilot and his
wife a doctor .The story draws attention on the effect of their working
schedules on their lives. It is a gripping tale of temptation and adultery.

*SWAPPED Synopsis.*

The story unfolds as a beloved housemaid;Viola has been fired by Thomas'
wife Clara;a Doctor when he is away at work as a Pilot.When he returns,he is
upset about his wife's rush decision but bears the situation because his
wife claims she try to get a better replacement.For a while,he is left
lonely to take care of himself since his wife too has left to take care of
an emergency at work.After a few days,and in Clara's absentia, the
replacement turns out to be Bridget;a beautiful,alluring,outspoken teenage
girl sent by aunt Leila;their trusted relative.Within no time,Thomas gets
tempted by Bridget's amorous advances and has an affair with her.This is the
time Clara returns.

Staring Kihire Kennedy, Kayiira David, Ntangaza Carol, Ampire Daphne, Keitesi Joan.

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<div class='film-title'>SWAPPED film Directed by Kihire Kennedy</div><div class='film-duration'>13:51</div><div class='film-created'>Added 01 Jun 2012</div>