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How to Make Fake Blood With Things From Your Kitchen
25 Jun 2012

Heeere's Johnny! Well, actually it is Johnnie. One of the cool kids working at The Smalls right now. When we started talking about introducing video tutorials to the site, it turned out that Johnnie had quite a few quick and simple special effects tricks up his sleeve. So we threw him a camera and asked him to shoot how he does it, so he could share it with everyone else. Check out his first video here, where he uses basic kitchen ingredients to make fake blood that looks and flows like the real thing. It's fun, easy, and you don't even need to spend all of your lunch money. 

Hopefully Johnnie's tips will come in handy for your next zombie clash, gun fight or whatever chilling scene you're up against. The only limitation when it comes to making things happen is your own imagination, right?

If you have some cool DYI special effects techniques, The Smalls would love to help you share them with other filmmakers. Upload your video and submit the link to us at