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Interview | The Best of 2012 Winner Alfonso Díaz
31 Jan 2013

Alfonoso Díaz, took out The Smalls Best of 2012 competition for his beautiful dramatic short 2A. The Spanish film is set in director Jonathan's tiny studio 2A where he is auditioning to find his leading lady. Frustrated with his work, Olga comes knocking for the part and Jonathan is mesmerised by her performance.

We interviewed Alfonso about the making of the film and what triggered the idea.


How did this project come about?

At the beginning it was a challenge to shoot a short film which does not exceed three and a half minutes and that we can only shoot inside a room. This project was called "Shortrooms", for which a group of ten friends who made each one a short film for an online contest, Notodofilmfest. I was finalist with my short film 2A Jonathan D. Mellor was nomintated for the Best Actor Award by the Jury.

I had another project in my mind but I thought it will be too long for this, so I looked into my archive of old scripts and I found a feature film script I had abandoned and took the best scene I had – the more powerful, truthful and complex one. I also wanted to have an original score that would mix perfectly with the rythmn and frequency of emotion and Daniel Bravo did an amazing work. I was also lucky to work with Cesar Maderal, the cinematographer, who let me shoot with is Cannon 5D Mark II camera and his lenses. We both agreed on the type of shoots, the close ups and details and the type of lighting he did worked perfectly in this story.

2A focuses on quite an tense scene, that required strong acting to deliver. How did you cast Jonathan and Olga?

I felt very lucky of working with them because they are so talented, it was the perfect cast for this story.

They had not even met until our first coffee meeting, when we spoke of my idea and some dialogues I had written. We worked on what I wanted to transmit with this brief story and I tried to explain the characters.  Maybe we don't have explicit information in their dialogues, but you can get an understanding of who they are. You can see that he, the Director's character, performed by Liverpool-born actor the great Jonathan D. Mellor, has some kind of emotional crisis and frustration in his work and life, there is a mix of feelings between his inability to find an actress for his film and his vulnerability because of his desires and the emptiness in his heart.

This is a story of pauses, incisive looks, and they are just great.

This story is about a spell so truthful that it hurts him. The spell's character is the actress, performed by the great young Spanish star Olga Alamán. She's the one for him since the first eye contact, she is a fan of his work, and she has a goal, to get the part.

How did you develop the idea for 2A, was there anything that inspired the story or triggered the idea?

When you write something, there is always something that triggered the idea, I think, but I am not sure, there was a scene in Mullholand Drive by David Lynch that maybe inspired me at some point, but I Iove the mystery of the selection of your final idea, it's always a mix of things from your own life and experiences.

What do you hope your audience will take away from the film?

Well, I just wanted to put some ingredients together: our deep desires, the power of the seduction, the beauty, how we can in love in just seconds, how it happens, the hurt of being in love and the hurt of not love not being reciprocated. The cinema in our life and the cinema as our work, and the relationships between actors and directors and their complexities.

Can you tell us about your next project? Are there any new films you have planned?

Now I am working as an international short films distributor (LINE UP Shorts), because in Spain there is no much work right now in the film industry (or in anything else) so I don't have much time for writing but at least I can distribute my short films.

First, I hope I can start very soon in writing a larger script and then try to find producers for making possible and be able to grow as a filmmaker.

Finally, I want to thank again to The Smalls for this great opportunity!! I am very very happy!


Congratualtions Alfonso! We look forward to seeing more of your work.

2A director Alfonson Díaz has been awarded an £1,000 film promotion package from The Smalls.