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Meet Southbound Drive
24 Jan 2013

The Smalls Pitch Room Southbound Drive

For those of you who’ve remained checked in during recent months, The Smalls Pitch Room launch is familiar stuff. Austin TX rock band Southbound Drive have just opened this new, cool section of our website with their “Marigold” music video brief – and we’re feeling pretty inspired to say the least. Not only does the track have all the makings of a blockbuster, but the band is also leaving the brief totally open and allowing filmmakers to interpret the song any way they like.

The director behind the winning Marigold video will receive an award package worth $12,000 including a $1,000 cash prize, a $5,000 video promotion campaign, an a showcasing opportunity at SXSW 2013!

Ready to learn more about the band? We thought so. Check it out:


Southbound Drive


Austin TX


When acclaimed Suicide Pistols lead vocalist and guitarist Scott Collins decided to branch out from his former country-punk roots, he searched for a backup band. In Ryan Goebel (electric guitar), Lucas Griffin (bass), and Chris Saad (drums) Collins found the talent he was looking for. The four musicians soon rented rooms in the local Austin “jam shacks” to work on a new album, but before long it became clear that they were in fact a band. And since 2011, Southbound Drive has swept through the Austin music scene in full force with its fresh, irreverent sound. Under the direction of Grammy nominated producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith, Southbound Drive has released their debut album Agnes, featuring the singles The Courthouse, Marigold, and Mexico. The band has a fearsome live reputation and their unique chemistry builds a promise of great things ahead.

Music Style



Scott Collins (Vocals, Guitar)
Ryan Goebel (Vocals, Guitar)
Lucas Griffin (Bass)
Ryan Greenblatt (Drums)

Past Members

Chris Saad (Drums)

Associated Acts


Suite 709

The Baker Family




Agnes (2012) featuring The Weight of Love, Marigold, Lovesick Come Around, South By Way of Hell, Mexico, Pardon My Interpretation, The Courthouse


“Marigold a slice of warm-hearted American rock that’s nicely anthemic with quick step and a sense of passion that’ll quickly instill a sing-along sensibility in even the most hardened naysayer.” - Samuel Hill, Producer of BBC Music Video Festival

"Scott's songs sound authentic yet very modern, and he delivers them with a sense of urgency. The music has that mixed-up blend of beats and influences that it seems can only happen in Austin. The songs stay with you, and that's a good sign." - Terry Lickona, Executive Producer of Austin City Limits

"Southbound Drive make music that reminds me of being 16 again. They make music that captures you from the first notes and refuses to let go."  - James Anderson, Appetite for Distraction

“With a debut as eclectic yet focused as ‘Agnes’, it’s anybody’s guess as to what manner of great heights Southbound Drive are fated to scale in the years to come.” – The Impaler Speaks

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Images by © Kerri Lohmeier Photography