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An Original Picture, Starring some of Britain's Best Actors - made by YOU?
10 Aug 2012

Smalls Filmmaking

In celebration of The Smalls relaunch we have decided to create one hugely collaborative short film together with YOU, our talented filmmakers

Working title 'The Actress" is a project that is all about working together as a team, to tell a story that celebrates the art and business of filmmaking - as well as The Smalls relaunch, where we are reaffirming our role as a champion of the best short form storytelling and filmmaking from around the world.

The Smalls and its team of industry collaborators will provide a fantastic working script to get you, our filmmakers, started. We will also provide guidance from a few top independent filmmakers in London – and everything else that it takes to make a movie  (mountains of snacks and sodas, high-end equipment…) AND we’re in talks with some incredible actors to star.

Why are we doing this? Because we’re serious about bringing all of us together as a team to transform the indie film business. And we’re serious about you making films. Full stop. 

More updates will follow this announcement, but here is the initial scoop for those of you who cannot wait:


The Concept:
In celebration of our relaunch, we are looking to create one hugely collaborative short film together with our community. The Smalls will provide some of Britain’s best actors, as well as everything and anything else it takes to create a fantastic film. We will also provide mentorship from some of the top independent filmmakers working in London today. We will be filming four key sequences in the film through a mass collaboration.

The Script:
A skilled London screenwriter is currently developing the treatment, but here is a short summary of the film: 

It is the twilight of a grand old movie star's life.  Poor health and old age have robbed her of her glamour, her career and now -probably within hours - her life. The end is near. She arrives, surrounded by her parasitic entourage, at a cinema for a private showing of her greatest screen moments.  Kicking the hangers-on out, she sits alone in the dark as the light of the projector illuminates the silver screen and her previous youth and beauty. In a daring escape from the inevitable, she enters the screen and is suddenly back in her movies - a star once more.  She tumbles from genre to genre in scenes taking in the silent era, film noir, '70s sci-fi sexploitation and '90s sitcom land. It is a desperate attempt to outsmart and outrun the apparition of death itself, which pursues her through the scenes.  Inevitable or not - this old movie diva isn't going without a fight. This is the story of a shooting star who refuses to fade away or go gently into that good night.

The Brief:
We are looking for experienced short filmmakers within our community. We want you to work together with each other and with us, to help create this short film - to be screened at The Smalls Film Festival 2012 and of course here on

The short film will consist of four key sequences, themed according to these "genres":

-    Silent Movie
-    40’s-50’s Film Noir
-    70’s Sci-Fi Sexploitation Movie
-    90’s Sitcom 

What roles do we want to fill?
For each of the 4 sequences we will need:

  • Director*
  • Line Producer
  • Assistant Directors
  • DOP
  • Focus Puller
  • Sound Recorder
  • Costume Designer
  • Lighting Directors
  • Makeup
  • Hair
  • Runners
  • Supporting Actor(s)

Available positions for the overall production team:

  • Editor’s Assistant
  • Storyboard Artists
  • Art Director/Designer (to create the film’s poster)
  • Assistant Producers
  • Movie Titles Designer/Artist

Backstage Until Roles:

  • Camera Op/Director
  • Sound Recorder
  • Production Designers
  • Set builders/Art dept/Props

* We will provide a script but we are looking for directors that can apply their own interpretation to this script. We are also looking for individuals who are passionate about the specific genres mentioned above. You don’t necessarily need to have past experience in these genres, but we feel it is important that you feel you could do a good job.

Your commitment:
In order to commit to the project you need to be able to be in London for:

Shooting: 1.5 day
Editing: 1 day

These dates will most likely be on a weekend. 

Your reward:
There is no monetary reward offered, but a once in a lifetime experience to be part of something great. All food and drinks will be supplied on the day (yes, you can hold us to those mountains of snacks – but there will also be REAL food and drinks).

How to get involved:
All you have to do is tell us who you are and in less than 50 words explain:

  • Why you want to be involved
  • Why would you be right for one of the above mentioned genres
  • What your favorite film is

Also, please send us a link to your previous work.

Got questions? Fire them over to and make sure to put FILM COLLABORATION in the subject field.

More updates on this exciting brief and project coming soon…