Showcase your work, connect with filmmakers and pitch for commercial opportunities.


Commission ideas and films from the world's greatest short filmmakers


The Smalls can put your brand in touch with a very talented community of filmmakers. We are home to 9,000+ creative individuals who come from all corners of the globe and who have already produced everything from academy nominated short films to promos for some of the world’s biggest brands. Here in our “Pitch Room” you can post inspiring briefs that call for creative ideas, filmmaking skills, or even complete short films or video content, from filmmakers. The Smalls team is available and happy to support you in creating an exciting collaborative opportunity for everyone involved, and promoting your brief to your talented community. To learn more or to get started, contact The Smalls Partnership Manager Bela Mashru via or + 44 (207) 240 922.


How does Pitch Room work for brands?



How Pitch Room Works


What makes us different?


  • A renowned short film community
  • 9,000+ registered creative filmmakers with diverse skills and talents
  • Opportunities for community participation and creative collaborations
  • In-house specialists that offer advice on original content creation and engagement
  • Resources for expert panel recruitment
  • Amplification possibilities beyond traditional formats
  • Talent and content searches to discover and connect with filmmakers


Meet some of the brands that The Smalls has collaborated with:




"Working with The Smalls was a great experience, and it helped connecting Virgin Media with a young and creative audience. It was also a huge inspiration for us when we went on to create Virgin Media Shorts."

Maria Kim, Virgin Media




“Cutty Sark is no ordinary Scotch so we wanted to create content that was a little bit different. The result from working with The Smalls, is a creative montage which visitors are free to explore at their own pace. It's vibrant, unexpected and entertaining!”

Tracey Armstrong, Global Brand Manager, Cutty Sark




“The Smalls Street Sounds is unique. They’ve enabled sound, so often overlooked in film, to be harmoniously interwoven into beautiful stories.”

Monique Frumberg, Director Branded Entertainment, Sundance Channel