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Case Studies

Case Studies

London documentaries cast off with Boat Magazine and The Guardian



Boat magazine – a unique publication that relocates to a new city to create a new issue – asked London documentary filmmakers to share 15-minute film that represents their London. Whatever the focus – social commentary, history, subculture, or the just plain weird – the competition aimed to uncover what is true. Two awards were presented: ‘This London Award’ invited the winner to accompany the Boat Magazine to their next city, while ‘The Guardian London Travel Film Award’, supplied by The Guardian, commissioned a film for its travel website.


307 Submissions


4,618,000 Impressions


Toyota SCION inspires artists to use sounds to tell stories



Toyota SCION championed the creation of "Street Sounds", an interactive online event encouraging filmmakers to use a diversity of sounds collected by the public. By way of an interactive sound map, developed specifically for Street Sounds, people all across the United States shared the soundtrack of their lives by uploading audio recordings, images, and descriptions of their streets, neighborhoods, and cities. Users ended up capturing everything from street music to overheard conversations, roaring student protests and the simple, haunting sound of the wind in the trees. Filmmakers were then invited to use the sound map to create unique short films inspired by the sounds collected. Winners received a Panasonic HDC-HS300 120GB Full HD Camcorder and had their work celebrated in a full-page ad in Variety.


1,800+ Submissions & Uploads


125,506,611 Impressions


Cutty Sark toasts independent filmmakers with a brief



In 2009 London whisky brand Cutty Sark invited independent filmmakers to consider, interpret, and reimagine the rich heritage of the brand. With close to hundred years of spirit making, Cutty Sark had plenty of stories to work with, including their part in coining the phrase ‘The Real McCoy’; the Robert Burns’ poem from which the whisky took its name; and how Berry Bros. & Rudd became famously embroiled in the hunt for the Loch Ness Monster. The winning films were featured in an exclusive online gallery hosted on the Cutty Sark website, as well as being screened on the Discovery Channel. The winners received a Canon EOS 500D camera and – appropriately – a case of whisky.


174 Submissions


18,028,182 Impressions




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