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Why use Pitch Room

The Smalls Pitch Room allows your brand to share briefs with Smalls filmmakers – a community of talented, creative, passionate and media savvy individuals who embrace storytelling and new aesthetics to create distinctive and bold short films that engage and inspire audiences. 


We are a web-based platform that puts brands, agencies, broadcasters and content commissioners in touch with a global community of short form filmmakers. From event films to TV ads, from corporate films to documentaries, The Smalls is a means to produce high quality video content.

How Pitch Room works

We will post your brief, timeframe and budget on the site. Filmmakers then pitch their films, storyboards, treatments (or even themselves). You pick the ones you like the best. We are on hand to manage the process – from posting the brief to the website and publicising it to our network of filmmakers, helping you select the winning filmmaker and managing the project to ensure it is delivered to time and budget.


Get in touch with The Smalls Managing Director, Kate Tancred to learn more about what The Smalls can offer you. 


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What is Pitch Room

As a member of The Smalls you can browse Pitch Room to discover opportunities posted by commissioners and distributors of short film and video. Our aim is to democratise the pitching process offering brands and content commissioners the opportunity to cast a wider net and filmmakers the chance to have their ideas heard by the likes of New Look, London Live, Cutty Sark, Decca Records, Universal Music, Sony Music, Hendrick’s Gin and more! 


To submit your entry for a brief, simply go to the relevant brief and click “Submit Your Pitch” and follow the quick and easy steps.


How to find out about briefs

Find out about new opportunities in The Smalls Pitch Room right here, by browsing the section. Or, follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we always announce news and updates!

Who can pitch?

All members of The Smalls community can pitch for projects via The Smalls Pitch Room. 

Where do I direct questions about individual briefs?

If you have any questions about a brief, please get in touch with us at


How do I pitch?

Each brief you are pitching for will have specific requirements, but some general advice for pitching filmmakers is as follows:


- Keep your ideas succinct and clear – there’s no need to go on and on. Remember the old pitching mantra: every good idea can boiled down to a single sentence. We’re not suggest that your pitch be a single sentence, but the client should be able to read your pitch and know immediately what you’re proposing.


- Be sure that you can execute your idea within the budget. Even if your idea is amazing, if it can’t be achieved within the budget constraints then you won’t be selected for the job. The budget is fixed and there will be no opportunity to renegotiate on this. 


- Include visual references, whether that be images or videos, but make sure you make it clear what is your work and what is the work of other people.


How do I submit a treatment, script or film?

To submit a pitch, simply open the relevant brief and click ‘Submit Your Pitch”. 


You will reach a form where you can easily upload your pitch assets.


How do I find out if I win a pitch?

If you win a pitch you will receive an email to the address registered on your account with The Smalls. Always make sure your email address is up to date, using your “My Profile” settings. 


How will my film be used?

This depends on the brief. Always take your time to read the brief in detail and make sure you have also read and agree with our Terms & Conditions. Feel free to get in touch with us via if you have any questions.


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