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The Smalls Etiquette

The Smalls is a special community thanks to you

The guidelines below are based on the feedback and experiences of those who use The Smalls. They are suggestions to help us all get along and keep our creative community friendly, positive, and encouraging.

Be Nice

The Smalls may be a community with a focus on short film, but behind those films are real people. We know that taste can differ a lot from person to person and you are free to express your opinions, but be respectful in your feedback and conversations. 

Be Constructive

For many this is a no-brainer. For some it can prove a challenge to provide constructive comments. Let’s just say that as long as you play nice and try your best to contribute to your peers’ creative development, we’re all cool. 

Credit your collaborators

If you’re not the sole creator on your film, make sure that your collaborators and contributors get a mention. If they’re not in the credits of your film you can always use a few words in your film description, or in a comment, to set the record straight.

Report offensive content

We do not allow hateful, defamatory, discriminatory content or content that depicts unlawful acts, extreme violence, animal cruelty or any kind of animal violence. If you find objectionable content or content that violates our terms of use, send us an email at

Don’t break our terms of use

We’re serious about keeping The Smalls friendly and safe, and if you don’t play by our rules then you have to go play someplace else.

Tell us how to make The Smalls better

We’re doing our best to keep improving The Smalls, but along the road there may be a couple of bumps. We appreciate your patience as we grow and will love you for letting us know what you think works well and how we can make things better. Got an idea right now? Get in touch with us via info@thesmalls!