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Southbound Drive “Agnes”: A Smalls Preview
15 May 2012

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A staple of the Austin, Texas music scene, Southbound Drive is one of those bands you should have heard about long ago. Their music harks back to the more innocent days of rock, and imbues a lot of folk elements in order to achieve its good natured, mighty flavorful, and ultimately unforgettable sound.  There’s no surprise that The Smalls is already a big fan, as we were a big supporter of their Kickstarter campaign. But soon you’ll hear for yourself why Southbound Drive caught our attention in the first place – they are just that good.

We were able to preview three of their upcoming songs off their album ‘Agnes’, and here’s our impression from the perspective of filmmakers:

Courthouse. We like songs that give us characters to imagine, and this one gives us several in one felt swoop, as though we are watching a long crane shot move along ‘the courthouse, in the rain’.  The influence of folk is apparent - the tempo is upbeat, but the subject matter is about something much more serious and significant.

Marigold. This track sounds like something that Wes Anderson should use during one of his wordless montage or slow motions sequences.  We especially like the use of whistling, the whimsical lyrics, and the chorus that we found ourselves mumbling like crazy people. This would be our pick for Southbound Drive, Unplugged.

Mexico.There’s something about this song that takes us back to the Reality Bites era of the 90’s, where up-tempo music covered up the aching of lost souls.  Listen real close, and the words will reveal something quite special.

We can’t share these incredible tracks with your quite yet, so that’ll have to do for now.  We hope you are looking forward to Southbound Drive’s big break, and make sure to follow them at: